Serving Boise, Caldwell, Meridian and Nampa, ID

You Won't Find These Items at Other Grocery Stores in Boise, ID

Idaho Capital Asian Market carries Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese products

A typical grocery store in the U.S. has a small selection of international foods - certainly not the variety of products you're hoping to find. But at Idaho Capital Asian Market, you can pick up all the ingredients you need to make authentic Asian dishes.

Since opening in 2018, we've become one of the most popular Asian food markets in Boise, ID. That's because we carry...

  • Holiday treats, such as moon cakes and dried persimmon
  • Live seafood, such as Dungeness crabs and crawfish
  • Ready-made meals, such as musubi and spring rolls
  • Desserts, such as mochi and various KitKat flavors
  • Fresh fruit, such as rambutan and green mangoes
There's always something new at our Asian market. Visit us today to find something special to take home.

Conveniently located in Boise

Idaho Capital Asian Market is located just minutes from Downtown Boise, ID. Depending on where you live, you might not have to hop on the interstate to get here.

You can find directions to our Asian food market on the Contact Us page.

Quit paying a fortune for the ingredients you need

Shocked by the high prices of international foods at other grocery stores? You'll breathe a sigh of relief when you come to Idaho Capital Asian Market. Everything we sell is affordably priced.

When you need to pick up ingredients for Asian dishes, skip those other grocery stores and come to our Asian food market instead. We're open six days a week.